TeacherGaming Tour 2015


MinecraftEdu, KerbalEdu & Gamestar Mechanic workshops for schools.

What is this?

#tgtour2015 comes to West Coast US

The world is full of information and possibilities and our youth are having difficulties in exploring the field of possibilities for careers and making the right choices in the modern ‘education tube’ from Pre-K to university. TeacherGaming tour is about raising awareness of these challenges and equipping teachers with tools to face them.

Last year #tgtour2014 gathered over 2,000 kids and 500 teachers to learn, play games and solve some of these big social issues.

This year it’s all about teachers.

We want to run a bunch of teacher workshops on the West Coast. Every workshop concentrates on a single theme and a single game and gives you the tools and the software to run a workshop in your own school. We want to make people aware and get them curious, excited and ready to create a change. And have a lot of fun!

How can I get involved?

  Check the calendar or locations here
  Drop a line at tour(at)teachergaming.com
  #tgtour2015 on Twitter


MinecraftEdu / ComputerCraftEdu

ComputerCraftEdu is a new way to teach computational thinking to Minecraft players that are new to coding. They will use a tile-based interface to learn the fundamentals of programming languages in a fun, accessible environment.

ComputerCraftEdu is part of MinecraftEdu, a school-ready remix of the original smash hit game Minecraft, played by over 30 million people worldwide.

  Read more about the workshop


KerbalEdu marches Kerbals from their Space Program to the classroom. Explore the solar system with rockets you build yourself and refine your designs when things go awry. Orbits and staging, drag and thrust will all become familiar to you in the process.

After all, it’s only rocket science, right?

  Read more about the workshop

Gamestar Mechanic

Published by E-Line Media. Gamestar Mechanic is a game, curriculum and online community designed to teach kids the principles of game design, critical thinking, systems-based thinking, iterative design and to build a motivation for design and engineering learning.

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Where? When?

West Coast, US. April 20 - May 10.

Is this free?

Yes, the workshops are free and you will get a trial of the game to bring back to your school as well along with materials to run your own workshop.

What’s the catch? Don’t I have to do anything?

We would love if you took the things you learned at the workshop back to your school and run at least one workshop to your own class.

Sounds cool, can anyone join in?

We are targeting active teachers with the workshops. We do run a couple workshops for administrators & PD professionals as well. Check them from our events.

What games are you using on the tour?

MinecraftEdu, KerbalEdu & Gamestar Mechanic

Do I have to buy the games to participate?

Nope. We will even give you a trial of the game to run your own workshops back in your school.

Who are you people?

We are an independent Finnish/American games company with a mission to bring games to the classroom. You can visit our website here: www.teachergaming.com

How can I get involved?

Check the calendar or locations here
Drop a line at tour(at)teachergaming.com
#tgtour2015 on Twitter


Click the events on the calendar or on the map to sign up!

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In addition, some of these MinecraftEdu/ComputerCraftEdu workshops are hosted by CoderDojo Silicon Valley. If you want to request a seat, please contact office(at)coderdojosv.org

20th-23rd AprilOrange County, CA

24th AprilOxnard, CA

24th AprilEncino, CA

25th AprilLos Angeles, CA

27th AprilLos Angeles, CA

28th AprilSanta Maria, CA

29th AprilKing City, CA

30th April - 1st MayFresno, CA

2nd MayMerced, CA

3rd MayMountain View, CA

5th MayTacoma, WA

5th MaySan Jose, CA

6th MayBerkeley, CA

8th MaySan Francisco, CA


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TeacherGaming Tour 2014

Last year our #tgtour2014 gathered over 2,000 kids and 500 teachers to learn, play games and solve the big social issues we have in our European society. What we did was run a bunch of workshops all over Europe. Every workshop concentrated on a single theme and a single game: using KerbalEdu to spark interest in STEM-subjects, create games with Gamestar Mechanic to increase media & game literacy or learn the value of coding in everyday life with turtle robots in ComputerCraftEdu.

Did we solve all problems? Well no, but we got 2,500 people aware, curious, excited and ready to create a change. And we had a lot of fun!